Milosh (The dude from Alex's story blog)

This isn't complete yet.
Coloring might take a little while.

As Alex was described him in his blog. (ballbustingboys.blogspot.com)
Milosh is a very tanned guy with thick&black messy hair, a bit hairy, black (or almost black) eyes, wearing grubby clothes and he called himself a 'Gypsy' (correct me if I was wrong :P)
I'm not sure if that's true... Ha Ha
First thing on my mind about the Gypsy is a guy
dancing and dressing like 'Sinbad'
I don't know either.

Milosh is one of my favourite character in the series.
It will be quite interesting that if someone living on the street
became to a (BB) model.
and since looks like he's not a clean type,
I'll give him some beard :D (Hm I always love the beard~ ♥)

His appearance is just my type.
Maybe this was totally different from how he should be
but this is how I pictured him.

I'll draw him getting busted sometimes later :)